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Interim and freelance PR and marketing communications for social impact-driven businesses

Build brand awareness, credibility, and trust among your most important stakeholders with bespoke and cost-effective PR and marketing support. 

Flexible end-to-end marketing and PR development, project management, and delivery provided on an interim or freelance basis.


How can we help you?

Interim Marketing & PR Management

Click below if you need a reliable and experienced comms professional to step in, work as an extension of your team, and achieve your marketing and PR goals!

Freelance Marketing & PR Support

Read on if you're after flexible freelance support to benchmark and improve your current marketing or PR, and you are struggling to see and be seen by those who will really make a difference to your business.

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Click over here if you're struggling to find time to plan and deliver a social media strategy that actually works, and you find yourself pouring hard-earned ad money down the proverbial drain.

Marketing people tend to be good communicators, or good organisers, but rarely both!​

I wish I could keep her forever, but as I can't, I strongly recommend that you snap her up!

Julian Patterson, Primary Care Commissioning
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