A bespoke, integrated approach to reaching and engaging your target audiences

Through carefully crafting a targeted strategy and achievable plan of action, I will equip you with a timely, realistic, and measurable calendar of activities to reach your customers and boost acquisition.


My broad and deep experience across the 'marketing mix' includes brand development, PR campaigns, digital marketing, strategic social media marketing and advertising, stakeholder engagement and events (including virtual events) organisation.  


    By investing time to understand your business, its values and objectives. I can work as an extension of your team to achieve your marketing goals.


    I will help you plan and develop your customers' journey and all exposure and interactions with your brand.


    I am a 'hands-on' marketer, providing practical support to implement your tailor-made, timely programme of activities - that extra pair of hands.


    All my work is results-driven, so I continually test, measure and refine to optimise your campaigns and success.

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